Fritz Hermann — Singer, Songwriter

I don't like sex

Peter Fritz Hermann

  E                          Am          

I like a drink of water, 

  E                        Am

I like a cup of tea,

 E7b9                               Am                                

I like to run in the morning sun

           D7                                    G7

and I like to swim in the sea.

 E                               Am           

I like all kinds of music,

  E                             Am

I like to ride my bike.

  E7b9                   Am                                      

I like to be in company 

                       D7                   G7            C

but there‘s something I don‘t like.

       G7                           C                                          

    I don‘t like sex. I don‘t like sex.  

                  Gdim                            Dm          G7

    No I’m not too shy and I wonder why,


    but I don‘t like sex. 

      G7                            C                                      

    I don‘t like sex. I don‘t like sex. 

           E7                                         A

    I can be your friend, I can hold your hand,

              D7        G7   C

    but I don‘t like sex.

Wendy was a warm hearted woman,

a beauty some would say.

I loved her and she loved me

and we shared a beautiful day.

We went to hers for coffee,

she whispered „You can stay.“

She slipped into the bathroom —

I had to run away.

    Because I don‘t ...

I get lots of emails

from people I don’t know.

They say I could have lots of females.

They say they make my little man grow.

Well I guess by now I‘m all grown up,

so there‘s nothing left to grow —

and what ever they seem to know about me,

there‘s one thing they don‘t know.

    I don‘t ...

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