Fritz Hermann — Singer, Songwriter

Love betweeen us

Peter Fritz Hermann

Intro:     F  A7 / Dm   / GmC7 / F    /Fdim C7

 Dm                                  Gm                                 

    Some believe, the love you give 

          A                       Dm     A7

    will all return to you.             

Dm                           Gm                               

    If we keep that in our mind,

            A                                    A7

    I‘m shure it will come true.


            We can stay together, 


            we can work together,

                           Gm                        Am                              

            we can celebrate and dance 


            and sing a song.


            When there's love between us, 

            Bbm         A7 5+    Dm            Cdim

            how can    we go wrong?


            When there's love between us,

           Gm7.                C7         F                 Fdim  C7

            how can we go wrong?


    Love is gentle, love is strong,

    love will never fail.

    Love is kind, it won't go wrong,

    love is not for sale.


            We can stay together ...

    Love is easy, love is free,

    love is warm and sweet.

    Love is growing like a tree,

    love is all you need.

            We can stay together ...

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