Fritz Hermann — Singer, Songwriter


Peter Fritz Hermann

F                                                       Gm

So you need to spend your money?

F                                                   Gm

You won‘t take it to your grave.

F                                                               Gm

There are ways to spend your money.

F                                                    Gm

Find the bargain, you will save.

Cm                                                    Gm                                    

   Buy the things you always wanted.     

Cm                                  Gm    D

   You can get it any time.

        G                                                        Em

        Save — if you buy it you can  save. 

        Spend your money and you‘ll 

        C                                Gmaj7                                         

        save — and your money will be 

     Am                   D

       safe — from you.


        Save — when they tell us we can


        save. If we really start to

        C                                Am       D    G         Gdim

        save, they won‘t tell us anymore.


        Save ...

So you want to know the reason?

Can you tell it in the end?

Ev‘rything still has it‘s season — 

a time to save, a time to spend.

  All it takes is your decision. 

   There’s a choice and you can choose.

        Save ... 

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