Fritz Hermann — Singer, Songwriter

Sing along

Peter Fritz Hermann

Gm    Am7  Gm  Am7   C  F  C   F C 

F                                 C                                  Dm             Bb 

Maybe you don‘t know your destination.

F                                  C                                Dm           Bb 

Maybe you don‘t find the road to choose.

F                                     C                         Dm                Bb Bbm6 

Maybe you‘re not sure what to believe in.

F                              Gm                                   C       (C+)

There‘s a lot to gain — not much to lose.

                 F                     C                     Dm                 Bb

    Sing along, sing along, sing along, sing along,

                         F                       C                     Gm  

    find your own kind of song and sing along.

Maybe you‘re not certain about tomorrow.

Maybe ev‘ry day seems just the same.

Maybe there‘s not much you call your own now.

You can find a lot if you join the game.

    Sing along ...

Maybe you don‘t want to be a loser.

Maybe you are not the lucky one.

Maybe you can turn the wheel of fortune.

You might win it all before the day is done.

    Sing along ...

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